Video Marketing Certificate (Online)

Learn how to dominate Google and YouTube with your video and to strategically use YouTube to market your business 24/7


Fall Session - 9/2/2014



Video marketing is the latest hot new marketing trend. Shoppers who viewed product videos were 144% more likely to add the product to their cart. Video with good SEO has a 53% higher chance of showing up on page one of Google searches. When done correctly, video can tell a story, and stories connect people. Video also leads to an emotion ‘trigger’ that plain text cannot do.

Two one-month courses, Erin Huggins and Jennifer Selke, Instructors.

Directional Arrows Course Objectives

  • To address the technical tools necessary to create compelling online video
  • To provide students with video marketing skills to grow their businesses, market their books, products or programs
  • To address how video can be used to generate brand identity, to gain media exposure and increase your credibility within your market
  • To provide insider video search engine optimization secrets to dominate Google and YouTube with your videos 
  • To discover how to choose video topics that will generate views and help you create a raving fan base

Puzzle Pieces Course Outcomes

  • At the end of this course you will know the essential elements to shooting simple online video, including best camera equipment and lighting and sound principles.
  • You will have a script or “formula” to follow that will help you to shoot content with ease for both educational and sales purposes.
  • You will know how to increase search engine optimization with your videos for better rankings in Google and YouTube.
  • You will understand how to do target market research and shoot videos based on that research

Video Marketing
Sight, sound and motion are much more compelling than static words on a page. Video is very hypnotic and it quickly speeds up the “know, like and trust” factor with your audience. In this course you will discover how to use simple online video to quickly bond with your viewer, drive traffic to your website, boost business and build brand awareness. Find out how to shoot simple, effective videos without costly fancy equipment or savvy technical skills. Discover the secrets to creating content that commands attention. Learn how to dominate Google and YouTube with your video and to strategically use YouTube to market your business 24/7 -- even while you sleep. One-month course, Erin Huggins, Instructor

outlineCourse Outline

Unit 1 - Video Marketing Essentials & Techie Tools

  • Camera equipment
  • Lighting & Sound
  • YouTube 101

Unit 2 - Crafting Compelling Content

  • Scripts
  • What type of video to shoot & when
  • Keywords are key

Unit 3 - Hooks, Headlines & Traffic Building Secrets

  • 5 Hot Hooks
  • Create Attention-Grabbing Headlines
  • Video Search Engine Optimization

Unit 4 - The Details That Deliver

  • Video idea Hot Zones
  • Promotional videos that pop
  • Sales Video Script

YouTube for Business
Increase your business with YouTube, the online video site and now the second largest search engine. Discover the power of video for your organization, and how to use video as a marketing tool to reach and serve more people. Find out what types of video work best on YouTube, how other business organizations are using YouTube, how to create your own YouTube channel, and the techniques of adding captions, annotations and other extra features. YouTube can enhance your current marketing and communication strategy. After attending this course you will take back proven strategies and techniques for making YouTube work successfully for your organization. 

YouTube, as the second largest search engine can no longer be ignored by businesses and organizations. YouTube reaches a broad age and gender demographic and is the largest video search/discovery destination with over 35 hours of video being uploaded every minute. YouTube is now accessible from nearly every top mobile device as well as from your TV.

How can your videos rise above the music mashups and cat antics?

Learn how to get your YouTube video on the first page of Google Search. Just like Facebook, YouTube is a social network that needs to be set-up, optimized, and used regularly to be effective. Your patterns of behavior on YouTube may be working against you. Learn how YouTube can complement your current marketing and social media strategy and how to maximize your YouTube Channel to get the greatest return. One-month, Jennifer Selke, Instructor

outlineCourse Outline

Unit 1 -Designing Marketing Goals for YouTube that Maximize the Platform

  • Learn what types of video work best on YouTube
  • Adapt your marketing plan to include video and goals for the YouTube platform
  • Discuss YouTube case studies from your industry and evaluate what’s working and what’s not
  • Create a content plan for videos that will work for your business or organization and won’t get you banned from YouTube
  • Understand how to use YouTube search features and other elements from a consumer perspective

Unit 2 - Building and Optimizing Your YouTube Channel

  • Learn the various elements of a YouTube Channel and how each feature works
  • Create your own YouTube Channel and optimize each feature
  • Discuss channel design and settings that fit with your video marketing goals
  • Discover how to embed YouTube videos on your website that maximize views

Unit 3 - Driving Traffic: Maximizing the Social Network of YouTube

  • Learn about the power of YouTube as a social network
  • Discover why it is important to have subscribers and how to communicate with them internally within YouTube
  • Understand the analytics of YouTube: Views, Ratings, Comments, Favorites
  • Learning to Read YouTube Insight & Analyzing the Data

Unit 4 - Creating and Distributing Video on YouTube

  • Learn how to upload video, the types of cameras, formats, and video resolution that work best on YouTube, and tools that streamline the process
  • Understand the essential element in a video on YouTube such as graphics, title, tags, description, etc. and how to optimize them for search
  • Discover how to get your videos to appear in related searches and other secrets of the YouTube Algorithm
  • Explore the extra features in YouTube such as editing, private sharing, captions, annotating, audio swap, etc.

Question MarkAbout online learning

Online learning is a fun, enjoyable and very productive way to learn. Millions of people are learning online each year. You will engage with the instructor and other participants. You will get to know your instructor and other participants. You may make friends. 

GearsHow the Course Works

It is easy to participate in your online course. After you register, you will be given a web address to go to get into your online classroom.  You will have a password and use your email address and password to gain access.

Calendar Participate when you want

You can participate any time of day or evening. The online classroom is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are no live real-time requirements or meetings. You decide when you participate. For the best learning, participants should log into the course on 2-3 different days of the week.

ChecklistWhat you will do

  1. In the online classroom, listen to audio lectures, view slides, even take an optional quiz to test yourself.
  2. Then post comments in the online discussion with your fellow participants and the instructor.  Your instructor logs on at least once a day to answer questions and join in on the discussion.
  3. Readings are assigned for each day from the textbooks provided at registration.

  4. Participate any time of day or night. The ideal is to go online 2-3 times a day since they are week-long courses, but you decide.

Discussion Discussion

The Discussion for each Unit lasts one week. All comments are made in writing and can be made at any time of the day or night.

Your instructor will log into the Discussion area at least once a day and answer questions, make comments, and respond to comments by you and the other participants.

We encourage you to make 2-3 comments each week to maximize your learning and enjoyment of the course.

It’s easy! It’s fun.

 Mac MiniTechnical Requirements

  • Internet access with Internet Explorer; Firefox Mozilla; or Safari web browser.
  • Access to Flash needed for audio and slide presentations.
  • Speakers to listen to audio.

About the Instructors

Jennifer Selke is a nationally known expert, speaker and consultant in the area of social media. She is a faculty member in the University of California Berkeley Graduate School of Education and is affiliated with the Berkeley Center for New Media. She received her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from U.C. Berkeley.  Jennifer is a licensed educational psychologist in private practice. Her technology interests have taken her into the blogging and social media world where she runs a popular blog. She speaks at national conferences on the subject of social networks, writes articles on the subject, and conducts webinars for professionals on the topic.

Erin Huggins is a recognized entrepreneur with a global client base. Her secret for success: simple online video. She has fans worldwide with over 2 million video views and nearly 10,000 YouTube subscribers. For the past several years she’s been teaching her insider video marketing and YouTube secrets to fellow small business owners and anyone looking to build brand identity or to use video to get their messages to the masses. She speaks passionately about using video as a marketing and brand-building tool including the prestigious Women Entrepreneurs Rock the World, even in New York City. 

Who Should Attend:

Those wishing to use video to take their marketing to new levels. This is a growing trend that uses sight, sound and motion which is more compelling than static words on a page.


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Fall Session: 9/2/2014 - 10/31/2014
(Late Registration Deadline 9/1/2014)

Schedule Details: 
Video Marketing: 9/2/2014 - 9/26/2014 

YouTube for Business: 10/6/2014 - 10/31/2014




$395 for Certificate Program (both courses)