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Event Registration Service

SVSU makes it fast and easy to put your events on the web! Just contact us and we will create a link for your events to add to your web page.  In an instant, we create a web presence for each event or meeting you plan.  You customers and/or guest will simply access the link and register online.  Or you can send invitations via email whenever and however you wish to potential customers or guest.  As attendees register on your custom web registration page, we collect key attendee information to assure a smooth registration as well as contact and billing information.

Time Saving:
Reduce the time and costs of organizing an event registration.

Online Solution:
Leverage the Internet to streamline your event registration .

Multiple Account features:
Event registration from a simple to a comprehensive registration solution. Capture accurate information you want.

Event promotion online::
Increase your event response. We manage and provide you with an accurate list of online registrations one day before your event by email.   We can also generate reports and information you need to analyses the outcomes of your event.

Our Registration Service Accepts Payments Online

Through our Secured PCI compliant, comprehensive, integrated Online Payment Management Solutions, we assure a safe and easy method for your customers and clients to register and pay.

Our fees are simple and straightforward:

Ticket/Registration Fee s


Set up Fees (includes link for your web page)


Web Page Setup to Advertise Your Event (One page/One Screen)

$150 - $250

Ticket Fees - Tickets or Free Events (plus Ticket fee below)

$ 3.00

Fees per Sold Ticket


Minimum per Ticket Fee

$ 0.50

Maximum per Ticket Fee

$ 10.00

Name Badges for each registrant  (Adhesive Badges)

$ 0.50



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