Certificate in Presentation Media (Online)


Presentation media are key to communication, sales, speeches and any other effective presentation today.  Whether your presentation is online or in-person, presentation media not only enhance your message but often make your message successful.
Find out how to use Prezi, the new slide software that goes beyond one-dimensional presentations, and the finer points of Photoshop for presentations.  Then discover the design elements to creating visual presentations for success using any media.
Take away critical skills for both training yourself and others in your organization. You will come away with the latest, most advanced practical and design knowledge in presentation media.
Three one month courses, Kimba Green, Dan Hood and Jenna Soard, instructors.  


Course Outline
Unit 1
-Create an account
-3 Steps to a successful Prezi
-Front Page Controls
-Inside Prezi Page Controls
Unit 2
-Inserting Media
-Zooming & adding frames
-3-D background
-Diagrams & arrows
Unit 3
-Change/Move Media
-Edit Path
-Powerpoint conversion
Unit 4
-Online vs desktop
Photoshop For Presentations
outlineCourse Outline

Unit 1
-Opening files and creating a new file
-File properties: Resolution, mode and canvas vs. size
-Saving files: methods and formats
-Rulers, guides, and grids
-Navigating layers: Create, edit, blend, and mask 

Unit 2
Basic tools
-Brushes, fill, and eraser
-Blur, smudge, clone, and heal 
-Shapes and lines, introduction to vector graphics
-Adjustments and adjustment layers

Unit 3
Managing text
-Creating text: Font properties, alignment and color 
-Text boxes and paragraph properties 
-Character properties and spacing 
-Vertical text and text effects

Unit 4
What the pros know
-Creating swatches
-Some filters are more useful than others
-Create your own shapes and brushes
-Save time with Photoshop actions

Creating Visual Presentations

Unit 1
Design Principles
  • Contrast
  • Alignment
  • Proximity
  • Repetition
  • Compare effective visual presentations vs. poorly executed visual presentations
 Unit 2
Design Principles  Part 2
  • Color
  • Balance / Unity
  • Page Layout
  • Analyzing the work of a professional designer to draw inspiration
 Unit 3
  • Your company’s brand, visually, core messaging (Analyze how to incorporate that into the presentation)
  • Inspiration Board
  • Concept / Theme of Presentation
  • Stock Images and Illustrations that communicate to target markets
 Unit 4
Execute Your Visual Presentation
  • Getting Critiques for Improvement
  • Getting Feedback from Professional in your Industry / Target
  • Expanding presentation to different formats – web, info graphics,  in-person


About the Instructors 

Jennifer Selke is a nationally known expert, speaker and consultant in the area of social media.  She is a faculty member in the University of California Berkeley Graduate School of Education and is affiliated with the Berkeley Center for New Media. She received her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from U.C. Berkeley.  She is a licensed educational psychologist in private practice. Her technology interests have taken her into the blogging and social media world where she runs a popular blog. She speaks at national conferences on the subject of social networks, writes articles on the subject, and conducts webinars for professionals on the topic.

Who Should Attend:

Those looking to inhance their visual presentations



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Fall Session: 2/2/2015 - 5/1/2015
(Late Registration Deadline -2/6/2015)

Prezi: 2/2/2015-2/27/2015

Photoshop for Presentations: 3/2/2015-3/27/2015

Creating Visual Presentations:




Three, One-month course, $495.