Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center - Northeast (MMTC-NE)


The world of manufacturing is witnessing unparalled competitive pressures. Helping companies find ways to surmount these pressures and strive to be the best, both for growth and long term survival, is what the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center - Northeast (MMTC-NE) is all about.

MMTC-NE offers services including:

  • Executive Level and Team Leader Training
  • On-Site Implementation
  • LEAN
  • Six Sigma, Green and Black Belt Certification
  • and Much More

Small businesses are a dynamic force in today's economic climate.  According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, 99 percent of all independent companies in the country employ fewer than 500 people, and account for 52 percent of all American workers.  MMTC-NE is dedicated to helping just such manufacturers here in the Saginaw Valley achieve their goals with leading edge training and support.  As the Northeast Regional office of the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (MMTC), its charter is to offer a variety of services to help manufacturers be competitive in today's evolving and increasingly global marketplace.

Located in a state-of-the-art conference facility on campus, MMTC-NE brings a unique blend of academia and manufacturing experts together, working to provide specialized training in the latest cutting-edge technologies.

One of MMTC-NE's more popular services is Performance Benchmarking. With more than 9,000 reports on file, we can compare your company with any similar business in our database and provide you with a confidential report to assess your competitive position.  You can take advantage of this service once a year and use the reports to monitor improvement.  And it's completely free.

Lean Business Solutions, Six Sigma Quality and Black Belt Certification, Kaizen training and Continuous Improvement training are all part of the services offered by MMTC-NE as well.  "We want to be the premier provider of services and technical training in our region," says Harry Leaver, Director of MMTC-NE. "We want to help you be competitive in today's marketplace”.

Maintaining that competitive edge was one reason AHB Tooling and Machinery, Inc., turned to MMTC-NE. Formerly American Hack and Band, the company enlisted MMTC-NE's expertise in applying for and receiving assistance through an Economic Development Job Training grant, as well as for setting up quality coaching and training and for help with the EDJT paperwork.  The results? AHB was able to streamline processes through the internal structure of a quality system and shorten the customer order process.  As a result, customer satisfaction levels increased, the company was quickly operating at a higher level of efficiency, and, thanks to additional employee training, morale and job satisfaction increased as well.

MMTC has been in existence since 1991 and receives its operating capital from the federal and state government and private industry and our main office is located in Plymouth, MI.

The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center - Northeast.

Real people. Real results.