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New Job Listing Website For SBIR Companies Looking For Universities, Faculty And Grad Students

The National Council of Entrepreneurial Tech Transfer works with over 200 research universities and educates thousands of faculty, grad students and post-docs each year on commercializing their research.

We recently added a job listing section to our website so that SBIR companies can more easily find university researchers. If you would like to work with some of the best researchers in the world on your existing or next SBIR application, please submit your current openings for researchers or solicitations for principle investigators (PIs) at "Job Opportunities" at

With SBIR/STTR applications becoming increasingly competitive you can gain a winning edge by hiring university faculty, grad students and post-docs for your SBIR/STTR projects.

The listings are free and are a service to researchers taking our very popular commercialization courses, so please use the website for your researcher needs. Positions can be full-time, part-time or virtual. The positions also can be paid positions or internships.

Workshops and webinars offered and planned at the Research Commercialization and SBIR Center this year:

  • Research Commercialization Introductory Course
  • Building University-Industry Collaborations Series
  • Government Research Funding Programs Series
  • International Innovation Series
  • SBIR Programs Series
  • What Are Universities Doing to Create and Fund University Startups
  • Finding Early Stage Funding for Research-Intensive Companies
  • Marketing Strategy for Researchers
  • Product Development and the Innovation Process for Researchers
  • Structuring and Leading the Research-Intensive Company
  • Tech Transfer: Working with Universities and Federal Labs for Researchers
  • Understanding Business Law and Regulations for Researchers
  • Understanding Patents and the Patent Application Process for Engineers and Scientists
  • Understanding SBIRs for Researchers
  • Angel and VC Presentations for Research-Intensive Companies
  • Applying to the DoD SBIR Programs
  • Applying to the DOE SBIR Program
  • Applying to the NIH SBIR Program
  • Applying to the NSF SBIR Program
  • Business Plan Creation for Research-Intensive Companies

More information on the classes available at Research Commercialization and SBIR Center.