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Student Employee Due Process / Appeals

Student employees have the right to appeal work related decisions that they believe to be unjust, improper, or unmerited regarding their employment. The procedures for resolving such complaints and differences are as follows:

  1. The student and the supervisor meet to discuss the issues in question.
  2. If the issues are not resolved at this meeting, a written appeal is sent to the Student Employment Coordinator. The Student Employment Coordinator shall submit to both parties, in writing, a suggested resolution of the issue(s).
  3. If either the student employee or the supervisor rejects the resolution suggested by the Student Employment Coordinator, a hearing will be arranged with the Director of Career Services. The Director shall listen to the presentation of information from each party and examine any pertinent writings submitted by both parties to determine a resolution to the issue. The Director of Career Services shall submit his/her resolution in writing to both parties.
  4. The student may appeal the Director of Career Services' decision to the Dean of Students. Upon review, the decision of the Dean of Students will be binding upon both the student employee and SVSU.