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Types of Student Employment

The Student Employment Program utilizes four types of funding. They are Federal College Work Study (CWS), Saginaw Valley Work Study (SVWS), Saginaw Valley Work Study Graduate (SVWSG), and Regular Student Employment (RSE). The amount and category each department can spend depends upon the department's budget. Being awarded work study does not guarantee a position on campus nor does it guarantee that the student will be able to earn the entire amount awarded. The amount that students can earn each semester depends on available department funding. Supervisors are responsible for monitoring student employees so that their earnings do not exceed the award amount specified on the student employment referral form. Details for each program are outlined in the following sections:

Federal College Work Study
Regular Student Employment
Grant Funded Student Employees

On-Campus Employment


Student Eligibility
How to Apply for an On-Campus Student Employment Position
Student Employment Compensation
Ultra Time (automated time clock) and Forms
Work Schedules
Progressive Discipline
Student Employee Due Process / Appeals
Student Employee Resignations
Hazardous Work Conditions
Injury/Worker Compensation
Equal Opportunity Employment
Employment Policies