Sample Documents

Sample Resume #1 (260kB) - Basic resume for students (w/ previous work experience) about to graduate

Sample Resume #2 (12kB) - Resume for professionals with extensive work experience 

Sample Resume #3 (130kB) - Resume for professionals looking to change careers or re-enter the workforce

Sample Cover Letter (w/ text prompts) (14kB) - Basic cover letter with suggestions for information to include

Sample Co-op/Internship Resume (93kB) - Resume for students looking to obtain a Co-op/Internship position

Sample Student Employment Resume - No Experience (81kB)

Sample Student Employment Resume - Limited Experience (82kB)

Sample Resume - Varsity Athlete (40kB) - Resume for jobseekers with intercollegiate athletic experience

Sample Bullet Point Statements for Common Jobs (28kB)‌ - Level 2 and Level 3 bullet point statements for Cashier, Retail Associate, Host/Server/Bartender, Student Employee Clerical, Fast Food Employee, and Athlete


Major-Specific Resume Templates (MS Word)  These MS Word files are designed for you to download and type your information into them.  They are user-friendly and can be easily edited and updated as your highlight YOUR achievements and accomplishments for potential employers or graduate schools.
Major-Specific Resumes (PDF)The PDF files are examples of what solid resumes look like for the variety of majors listed below.  As you look at these documents, think about your accomplishments and achievements and how you can highlight them as demonstrated in these examples. Major-Specific Cover Letters (MS Word)These MS Word files are designed for you to download and type your information into them.  Be sure that you are customizing each and every cover letter that you are submitting for consideration, as Hiring Managers want to see that you have skills that apply to their position specifically.
Sample Resume Template - Accounting (27kB) Sample Resume - Accounting (24kB) Sample Cover Letter - Accounting (15kB)
Sample Resume Template - Biology (24kB) Sample Resume - Biology (19kB)  
Sample Resume Template - Business/Management (25kB) Sample Resume - Business/Management (22kB)  
Sample Resume Template - Chemistry (25kB) Sample Resume - Chemistry (19kB)  
  Sample Resume - Communication (33kB) Sample Cover Letter - Communication (14kB)
  Sample Resume - Computer Science (19kB)  
  Sample Resume - Creative Writing (18kB)  
  Sample Resume - Criminal Justice (18kB)  
  Sample Resume - Education (49kB)  
  Sample Resume - Engineering (20kB)  
  Sample Resume - Exercise Science (18kB) Sample Cover Letter - Exercise Science (15kB)
  Sample Resume - Finance (24kB)  
  Sample Resume - Graphic Design (22kB)  
Sample Resume Template - Health Science (48kB)   Sample Cover Letter - Health Science (16kB)
  Sample Resume - Marketing (22kB)  
  Sample Resume - Psychology (30kB) Sample Cover Letter - Psychology (15kB)
  Sample Resume - Social Work (36kB)  
  Sample Resume - Spanish (21kB)  
  Sample Resume - Teacher Certification Program (21kB)  
  Sample Resume - Theatre (19kB)