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Co-op & Internship

Relevant experience in your field is one of the most important factors employers consider when making hiring decisions. By participating in internships, co-ops, externships and field placements, collectively referred to as experiential learning, you not only better your understanding of your future profession, but also increase your value to potential employers.  SVSU and Career Services has an extensive network of organizational partners who seek students for co-ops and internships.  These positions are often paid.

Because these organizations want to recruit students with a professional mindset, only students who have been accepted into the SVSU Cooperative Education/Internship program are permitted to apply through the Cardinal Career Network.  The process, as described below, is designed to teach students how to be active job-seekers and best represent their skills and abilities to potential employers.

Co-op Explanation
Internship Explanation

*You MUST apply through Cardinal Career Network for the Co-op/Internship program

Here are the steps to apply:

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