Co-op and Internship Program

The co-op and internship program at Saginaw Valley State University provides students with the opportunity to work for local businesses and receive real-world experience. 

  • A co-op is an on-going relationship between the employer, student and the university, where the student is paid to work on key projects for the business.
  • An internship is a work experience within a definite time-frame where students work on projects based on their level of experience and expertise. Internships may be paid or unpaid.
How to Apply to the Program (PDF)
What is a Co-Op? (PDF)
What is an Internship? (PDF)

Steps to Applying to the Co-op and Internship Program

  1. Create a professional resume and cover letter.
  2. Log in to your free Cardinal Career Network
  3. Upload your resume and cover letter under the "Documents" tab.
  4. Under the "Employment Opportunities" tab, click "Cardinal Job Postings."
  5. Once accepted, students will have the ability to apply for any external co-op/internships for which they are qualified. 


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