On-Campus Interviews/Presentations

Employers who are recruiting for specific positions are welcome to interview students and alumni on campus.  We will post the position, announce your interview day to relevant students and faculty members, schedule the interviews, and send you application materials from interested students at no cost to you or the participants.  An added advantage of participating in the on-campus interview program is the exposure your organization gains with the campus community.

Also, we will work with employers and faculty to schedule in-class presentations by employers.  The intent is for students to learn applications for the material they are studying in class and to expand their knowledge about the employment market.  Normally, employers present information about special programs or innovations in their organization.  Presentations also provide the employer with an opportunity to interact with potential candidates.

To learn more about on-campus interviews or to inquire about presenting to our students, please call Career Services at 989.964.4954.