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Cardinal Alumni Recruiting Dedicated Students

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It’s a new program – an SVSU alumni-admissions ambassador program – designed to encourage alumni support of our Admissions office efforts to recruit prospective students to SVSU.

CARDS engaging future Cardinals

Over the next few years, we plan to develop the CARDS program to include participation in college fairs, on-campus events, welcome receptions and hosted events in your home community.  But to kick off CARDS, we are asking very little on your part, though we think the return on your time investment will be well worth the effort.

What You'll Do

You'll be assigned to an Admissions Office partner, and  CARDS members will be asked to do two things:

1) Send brief, handwritten notes to about 30 high school students, inviting them to consider SVSU.  You will be supplied with CARDS postcards, postage, a list of names/addresses and a connection point or points between you and the prospect (eg: same high school, county, program of study, athletics connection, etc).

2) Think about high schoolers or those attending a community college that you know. Advise your Admissions partner of a potential Cardinal. Perhaps it’s your babysitter, next door neighbor, or niece or nephew. You get the picture. You can help us find high school sophomores, juniors or seniors who would be the right fit for SVSU, and SVSU the right fit for them.

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