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Is VSpace going away? Will I still have access to my old courses?

While VSpace will not be used for class and organizational purposes, it will remain available for accessing old content. The conversion tool will be available to aid in transferring materials to Canvas from VSpace.

When will VSpace no longer be supported?

Support for VSpace will stop beginning Winter 2016. 

Do I need to request my courses in Canvas?

No, courses for the upcoming semester are automatically added to Canvas.

How do I import a course from VSpace into Canvas?

You can import resources, lessons, assignments, modules, and Test Center into Canvas with a conversion tool. We created a document, Importing Content from VSpace into Canvas (299kB), to help you with that.

Do I have to attend a workshop in order to use Canvas?

We offer many workshops for those interested in learning about Canvas and strongly encourage users to attend at least a Canvas Introduction. However, we do not require you to attend one in order to use the system. We have recorded many of the workshops with Echo360. Those recorded videos can be found on our YouTube channel in the Canvas playlist, and in the Canvas Instructors course linked under Echo360 in the navigation. In order to see the videos in the Canvas course, you need to be logged into Canvas.

What is a Canvas Open Session?

A Canvas Open Session is an hour long work period in the ITD Lab. A formal workshop is not taught. This is not meant to replace a workshop. Attendees can work on courses and ask questions. Seating is limited so attendees must sign up on the workshops page so the lab can be adequately staffed. Those attending should have a basic working knowledge of Canvas.

When are my courses rostered?

The courses will be rostered two to three weeks before the semester begins. Students will not have access to courses in Canvas until two weeks before the beginning of the semester, even if the courses they are enrolled in are published.

How do I get help with Canvas?

You can attend a training or open session, check out the Canvas Guides (documentation, videos, and tutorials maintained by Canvas), explore the Canvas Instructors course, watch some previously recorded workshops on YouTube, or contact the Support Center.