Voices for SVSU Dr. Jeff Smith, Field Endowed Chair in Health Sciences, discusses the cutting edge work at SVSU's Brain Research Lab conducted by undergrads and supported by Malcolm and Lois Field's generous gift.
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Success Stories

Gifts from friends of the University have created programs, funded scholarships and built new facilities. These success stories demonstrate the dramatic impact a significant gift can have on students and the University as well as the region and the greater world.

The E. Malcolm and Lois Field Endowed Chair in Health Sciences

The E. Malcolm and Lois Field Endowed Chair in Health Sciences was established through the generosity of Dr. Field and his wife, Lois, with a commitment of $1.5 million. Dr. Field is a widely respected Michigan neurosurgeon and founder of the Field Neurosciences Institute, a distinguished medical research organization. He has a long history of commitment to the communities of the Great Lakes Bay Region and he and his wife have made several significant gifts to the University in disciplines as varied as engineering, music, nursing and health sciences.

"My wife and I made the gift because we believe so much that we need to do something for the diseases that affect our nervous system. You know we always accumulate some things in our lives and we all have to write a will directing where we would like those things to go. My interest is in neuroscience and the associated diseases we have and that's where I want my resources to go."

- E. Malcolm Field, M.D.

Jeff Smith, Ph.D, currently holds the Field Endowed Chair and also directs the Brain Research Laboratory at SVSU. Jeff and his students focus on research that explores the mechanisms (behavioral, cellular, and pharmacological) that impact recovery from traumatic brain injury. According to Dr. Smith, one of the most attractive features of SVSU is the opportunity to work on highly advanced brain research with undergraduate students, something rare in the field of neuroscience research.

Undergraduates who work at SVSU's Brain Research Lab have the opportunity to learn and experience all aspects of neuroscience related to neurological dysfunction and work on teams exploring different approaches to enhancing restoration and recovery from damage to the brain. Dr. Smith has mentored over 60 highly talented undergraduates and many have gone on to receive post-baccalaureate training in psychology, neuroscience, medicine, and other health professions.