Student Learning Goals

1. Students will gain a comprehensive background in basic biological concepts with opportunity for growth in specialized areas.

2. Students will understand the scientific method and why scientific information is not equivalent to anecdotes, opinions, and positions accepted on faith.

3. Students will be able to think critically and reason logically.

4. Students will have the opportunity to understand how scientific research is conducted, analyzed, interpreted, and communicated. Additionally, students will learn to evaluate scientific publications.

5. Students will become experienced in the theory and use of modern technology and equipment through laboratory exercises.

6. Students will attain good written and oral communication skills working as individuals and as team members.

7. Students will develop the ability to learn independently.

8. Students will acquire the capability to pursue further education at graduate or professional schools (medical, dental, etc.); or to pursue a career directly upon graduation from SVSU.

9. Students will understand the economic, social, ethical, and environmental issues encountered in the biological professions and gain appreciation for their personal responsibility in responding to these matters, as citizens.

Professional Organizations/Standards that informed development of learning outcomes:

American Institute of Biological Sciences

Association of College and University Biology Educators

National Association of Biology Teachers