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Special Olympics' Thank You Note


November , 2013


Dr. Eric Gilbertson, President
Saginaw Valley State University
7400 Bay Rd
University Center, MI 48710

Dear Dr. Gilbertson,

It is with great pride and excitement wewrite to you. This past week has been a week of great expectations and hardwork. We had no idea what the "Battle of the Valleys" entailed when we were informed that "Area 22 Special Olympics" has been selected to be the recipient of the monies raised during the "Battle of the Valleys". All we knew was that we wanted to help in any way we could and were so proud and honored that your student organizations chose to represent us.

Student Life representatives, Dillon and Greg, Emily, Becky for the RSO, Lisa our intern from SVSu, Greek Life, Sororities and your entire student body are the most energetic, determined, skillful, polite, understanding pillars that help mold your school onto what it is today! There wasnt a problem that was too large for them to handle, they just found solutions and went ahead to make things right. Their long hours of fundraising, stressful nights, long days and still remarkably, always had a smile on their faces to greet us the next day is what kept us going to "Walk the Walk" with all of them! we re so glad we did!

This past week was"A Week to Remember". We bonded by collecting money in the rain, the Auction, selling T-shirts, attending the Car Smash and the wonderful Kickoff party. The basketball game was phenomenal when the jump ball was made at the start of the game, Joe said he will never forget the expressions on the faces of the SVSU team, for they were in the awe of how well our athletes played. It was a learning experience for them and one that will carry them through life. "To focus on abilities rather than disabilities". SVSU lost the game 56 to 32 but we both played hard and it was so much fun. Our athletes enjoyed this opportunity to shine and always had a smile on their faces because SVSU gave them this chance to play ball once again.

As the days wound down to Friday we all began to feel relieved and a sincere bond of appreciation was made between the students and Special Olympics Area 22. The football game was exciting because the school spirit was so high. We were so grateful to everyone for their hard work and so appreciative once again for their kindness. The amount raised was so much more than we ever could have imagined! Everyone knew how excited we were and their faces glowed with happiness to be able to present us with this check. SVSU lost the game unfortunately, but we all won this battle!!!

Some of the students have already said that they will be at our local spring games at SVSU. I will plan on them being in our "Opening ceremonial Walk" walking in with our athletes. SVSU students will always be in our heart like a "Beacon of Light" that will never burn out in lives of our athletes. Oh, Matthew won the spot on the bench for the next week's football game at SVSU at the auciton. Go SVSU!

Dr. Gilbertson, it is hard to express all that we faal as a family. We walked with your students in their efforts to raise money for our athletes. The words you spoke at the kick off party were so heartfelt and real. I cant help but think that the first year you accepted our athletes into your wonderful school was a huge turning point for our athletes. You have given us shelter from stirmy days by offering our athletes a place for their spring games. Thank you so much for caring and we hope you know how much difference you can make each year in their lives.


Joe, Trish and Matthew Bronz
Area 22 Special Olympics Athletes Management Team