Caring for TheCard

back side of TheCard

TheCard uses three types of technology. The ID has a barcode on the back for use in the library, a magnetic swipe on the back for meal plans and Flex Accounts, and a proximity antenna inside the ID for door access.

Important Steps to Follow for the Operation of TheCard

A replacement card costs $15.00.

  • Do not punch a hole in TheCard yourself. Bring the card to the Campus Financial Services Center, Wickes 131-A for TheCard to be hole-punched.
  • Do not use your ID as an ice scraper; it will damage the circuitry and possibly break TheCard.
  • Do not wash and/or dry TheCard; it will make it brittle and easily broken.
  • Magnetic fields can demagnetize its magnetic stripes. Protect TheCard by:
    • Keeping it away from computers, cell phones, TVs, stereo equipment, microwaves and other magnetic devices.
    • Not storing TheCard where it may bend or come in direct contact with other magnetized cards.