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works by

Caleb Guthrie, painting
Robin Karnes, painting
Nicole Turner, photography


November 28 - December 10, 2011

Thursday, December 1, 2011
4:30 pm - 7:00 pm

CALEB GUTHRIE is a BFA student with a concentration in painting and drawing.  

Artist statement: "I tend to approach my work with a minimalists outlook. I believe strongly that the idea of “less is more” can be very effect when used the right way. Most often when I look at my paintings I want to create the most “tricks” spatially by using as few elements as possible. Some may think that working minimally is too easy but I find it to be the exact opposite. When you try to limit yourself you have to work harder to get the end result you are looking for. It takes much trial and error to get the few elements that you are incorporating into your work to unit together into one complete painting. Just like other artists I am trying to achieve a “magical” illusion in my paintings that will play its role against the overall flatness of the surface. The end result that I try to accomplish is to amaze the viewers with the smallest number of elements as possible."

RTEmagicC_Guthrie_bgreen.pdf  Exhibit_2PB290057 RTEmagicC_Guthrie_yellow.pdf
Self Portrait
latex paint and sand on wood
 Broken Planes
acrylic paint on wood
Self Portrait

ROBIN KARNES is a BFA student with a concentration in drawing & painting.  Her love for figurative art and children's books has led her to explore illustration and cartooning.  Through this she has transitioned into digital computer painting in conjunction with traditional watercolor and acrylic media.  She has written and illustrated two children's books.  Robin is now based in Grand Rapids, where she writes and illustrates on her blog,

Karnes_skysthelimit__489x640_ Karnes_interruptthemorn__640x489_ Karnes_inignorantcadence__640x489_ Karnes_Morning_Ritual__512x640_
Sky's the Limit 
digital media
In Ignorant Cadence
digital media
Interrupt the Morn
digital media

Morning Ritual
digital media

NICOLE TURNER is a BFA student with a concentration in photography.  

Artist statement: "a few years ago I read an obscure study that stated the average person only views an artwork on display for 17 seconds. This short viewing time is something I have set out to change.

I feel seventeen seconds of viewing does not do an image justice. This is especially true after an artist has spent hours or days perfecting a photo in the darkroom. By using techniques such as double exposures and sandwiching negatives,the images become layered, embedded into one another, and more complicated. This forces the viewer to work harder to decipher the subject matter and the meaning of my artwork.

I do not believe that artists should serve up the meaning of their artwork on a platter for viewers to quickly consume. Instead, I believe that art should be a wholly interactive experience. Viewers should be allowed to apply their own beliefs, opinions, and life experience when they are deciphering the meaning of an artwork. In this regard, making a cryptic statement is important to me in my art."

N_Turner_Web1__640x492_ N_Turner_Web2__640x506_ N_Turner_Web3__640x637_
Ode to Manet, 
The Bar on Tittabawassee Road 
Silver Gelatin Print
Untitled (Nudes #1)    
Silver Gelatin Print
Untitled (Collage #10)
Digital Collage