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It is the goal of the Department of Art to develop a student's artistic knowledge and skills to a professional level, which provides leadership for our society as well as to prepare them for graduate school and future employment in an art related field. The Department also places its general goal to be recognized as a leader in art and art education and as the important cultural resource for the region and the state.


The Department of Art :

  • Serves to develop and nurture the artistic skills and creativeness of its students.
  • Creates an educational environment that provides the opportunities for its students to explore and experiment using their unique and individual possibilities during creation of artwork.
  • Provides the program that gives the opportunities for student's intellectual and personal growth.


  • SVSU art professors are accomplished artists and have exhibited their paintings, photographs, prints, and sculptures at numerous regional and national shows.

  • Most SVSU art classes do not exceed 25 students, allowing for meaningful interaction with art professors.

  • SVSU art students are exposed to outstanding contemporary artists whose works are exhibited in the Art Department Gallery, located in Arbury Fine Arts Center.

  • Introductory art classes are often taught by full-time faculty members.

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