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Student Learning Goals

Student Learning Goals and objectives of the Art Department academic programs are:

  1. Produce high quality artwork, which reflects a professional level of technical proficiency, unique and individual visions, original ideas, and professional presentation.
  2. Able to describe the features of imagery presented using art vocabulary.
  3. Appreciate the aesthetics and diverse range of the arts from many different cultures, media, styles, periods, and ideas, therefore, to understand and promote diversity in the Arts.
  4. Identify, analyze, and interpret the important visual elements in works of art.
  5. Articulate, verbally and in writing, the basic and advanced levels of formal visual elements such as composition, line, color, style and space.
  6. Make informed judgments about the ethical and moral issues concerning artwork, artists, and processes that are involved in the creation of an image.
  7. Identify and articulate historically significant art works.
  8. Place contemporary art works in historical context, articulate, and analyze those images, and further apply this knowledge to the creation of artworks.
  9. Make personal, yet rational and reasonable assessments, evaluations, and judgments about art works.

Professional Organizations/Standards that informed development of learning outcomes: College Art Association