Master of ArtsĀ - Administrative Science (MAS) Faculty

Joseph Jaksa, Ph.D., CPP 

MAS Coordinator
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
343 Brown Hall
(989) 964-2178

Mark Nicol, MA, ABD
Assistant Professor of Political Science - Department of Political Science
Education Building-North Wing 204
(989) 964-2605

Mr. Nicol has taught a wide range of courses in political science, criminal justice and the graduate program in administration during his time at SVSU, with primary teaching responsibilities in the field of public administration. His approach to teaching public administration draws upon his experience as a supervisor and administrator in residential juvenile treatment and is rooted in the application of rigorous theoretical understanding to performing practical administrative duties and solving the concrete problems encountered by administrators in public and non-profit organizations.

Mr. Nicol has a wide variety of research interests that deal with the impact of political institutions on the actions of individual and collective political/administrative actors. His current research projects include the application of cluster analysis techniques to the classification of policy programs in large American cities in order to measure and predict the capacity of local governments for making choices that substantially shape the economic conditions of their communities. He has a secondary research interest in the application of the techniques of policy analysis and program evaluation in the educational and residential treatment settings.

Robert L Maurovich, Ph.D.
Executive in Residence - Office of Academic Affairs
Education Building-North Wing 144
(989) 964-7343

Nicholas J Wagner, M.A .
Adjunct Faculty - College of Arts & Behavioral Sciences
Curtiss Hall 114
(989) 964-4256

Sandra K. Sayre, M.S.
Adjunct Faculty - College of Arts & Behavioral Sciences
(989) 964-4050

Susan Tarrant, Ph.D.
Adjunct Faculty - College of Arts & Behavioral Sciences
(989) 964-4050

Gerald H. Cliff, Ph.D.
Adjunct Faculty - College of Arts & Behavioral Sciences
(989) 964-4050