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The Office of Academic Programs Support offers a warm welcome to all new adjunct faculty coming on board at SVSU!  The contents of this employment page are intended to help you get the required employment paperwork completed and offer directions to complete the Year Contract/Section Assignment process.  Should you have any problems with downloading the paperwork or completing the paperless contracts process, please feel free to contact our office via email at or by calling us at 989.964.2130.  We are here to help with any difficulties you might encounter!

Pay Rate

Adjunct Faculty are compensated at levels based upon semesters of experience and education level.

Pay Scale

Required Forms

New Adjunct Faculty will need to complete employment paperwork, including I-9, SVSU Data Form, state and federal W-4, and FERPA forms. Adjunct Faculty must also complete a background check before teaching, and more information is about the background check is available in the handbook or by contacting our office. The forms are available at the link below.


 Paperless Contracts

The contract process involves two steps of accepting a Year Contract and a Section Assignment for each course being taught. For assistance with the process, click the link below or call our office.



When Adjunct Faculty are hired, they should be aware of their obligations while they are under contract with the University. When you accept your Year Contract and Section Assignment(s), you agree to the Terms and Conditions so it is recommended that you read them before accepting.

Terms and Conditions 2016_17 (93kB)


The following document describes the policies and procedures pertaining to Adjunct Faculty at SVSU, Topics addressed include: course loads, syllabus development, office hours, attendance, academic integrity, disability services, course evaluations, class cancellations, compensation, faculty development, and perks.

Policies and Procedures 2016 2017 (544kB)