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Accounting, Law, and Finance

The accounting field can be a rewarding career. Students majoring in accounting learn more than taxes or principles. Today's accountants are business advisors  and information specialists. This broad training permits accountants to move into diverse professions requiring knowledge of accounting information to evaluate financial activities of organizations. Careers in accounting include public,  government and not-for-profit accounting. Other careers include auditing, tax specialist, consulting among others.

Finance is the science of the management of money and other assets. Since the subject of money tends to attract attention, "whosoever controls the money, controls the organization." Finance is an interesting and challenging subject with many carreer opportunities. There are a wide variety of career opportunities available in finance. Graduates find employment with both private and public organizations. These positions offer excellent advancement opportunities for competent, well-prepared candidates. Applicants with degrees in finance may work in general or tax accounting, financial planning, and internal auditing. A financial manager may supervise the preparation and interpretation of financial information for an organization or for individuals.

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