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SVSU Student Association
Student Honor Code‌

It matters now, because it matters later.

Why an Honor Code?

  • To demonstrate respect for peers, professors, institution and self
  • To achieve educational and professional goals
  • To take pride in academic accomplishments
  • To maintain the honor of an SVSU degree


Student Honor Code

One effective way for an individual to maintain academic integrity is to accept and follow a code of honorable conduct. The Honor Code authored by the Academic and Leadership Development Committee of the Student Association is one such code:

As a student at Saginaw Valley State University:

I am committed to upholding a high standard of academic integrity in all of my work, inside and outside of the classroom. Out of respect for my peers, professors, institution, and self, I will complete all tasks honestly and to the best of my ability.

I am guided by my conscience as I work toward my educational and professional goals, and I expect my fellow students to practice that same moral judgment.

I take pride in my academic accomplishments and therefore will not give or receive unauthorized assistance on any assignment, project, exam, or other university requirement. 

I seek to maintain the honor of a Saginaw Valley State University degree, and I will preserve its value throughout my professional career.

Student Honor Code (143kB)
(Printable PDF)