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Shikoku University Faculty Exchange Program: Policies and Procedures


The purpose of the SVSU Shikoku University Faculty Exchange Program is to:

  • Provide the opportunity for Shikoku University to host a faculty member from a SVSU to teach courses in English (and typically a course on American Culture to members of the Shikoku campus community).
  • Provide the opportunity for SVSU to host a faculty or staff member from Shikoku University for teaching one or two courses on Japanese culture and/or language during the spring and/or summer semester.
  • Enrich the campus academic and social environments of SVSU and Shikoku University.
  • Contribute to the diversity of instructional personnel, course offerings, and campus life
  • Bring new ideas, insights, approaches, and methods to the classrooms of SVSU
  • Participate in research activities
  • Provide SVSU with campus speakers, guest lectures, and other academic activities that would otherwise not be available
  • Introduce new academic materials to SVSU, such as print media (books, journals, monographs) prepared by scholars representing the involved institutions and countries

The Provost/VPAA may approve exceptions to any clause in this policy and in the addendum.

The SVSU Shikoku University Faculty Exchange Program is to be distinguished as separate from standing international faculty exchange contracts and from Fulbright Scholar policies. Each exchange policy stands on its own based on the particular formal agreements between SVSU and the involved foreign university.

Background of the Shikoku University Faculty Exchange Program

Established more than 20 years ago under the direction of Dr. Robert Yien, former SVSU Vice President for Academic Affairs, this exchange program is designed to provide one Shikoku University faculty member and one SVSU faculty member per year with an international exchange experience. SVSU sends one faculty member to Shikoku University (usually from April 1 to August 31, reflecting the Shikoku semester schedule) to teach courses in English (and typically a course on American Culture to members of the Shikoku campus community). During a U.S. academic semester, Shikoku University sends one faculty member to teach at SVSU. These arrangements may also involve research assignments, in addition to the teaching, if approved by the host institution.

Provisions for Shikoku University Faculty Exchange Program

1. In the Fall, the Deans announce to the full-time tenure-track and tenured faculty in their respective colleges that this opportunity is available. A Dean may then recommend the faculty member in writing to the Provost/VPAA using departmental/university service as a major criterion. The Provost/VPAA has final approval authority.

2. Only one outbound SVSU faculty member can participate in an academic year and the opportunity is open only to faculty members who have not previously participated in this program.

3. Eligible faculty members will have successfully completed their first and second year evaluations prior to the academic year in which the faculty exchange will take place. Faculty members who are interested in participating shall submit this request in writing by a deadline established by their respective Deans. A Dean may then write a recommendation and forward this to the Provost/VPAA's Office.

4. Once a selected SVSU faculty member confers with family members and confirms that she or he is committed to teaching English at Shikoku, Academic Affairs and the Office of International programs (OIP) will provide information about teaching conditions, language issues, culture, etc. It should be noted that most of the members of the Shikoku campus community and citizens of Tokushima do not speak English. However, some members of the Shikoku campus community, especially students of English and some staff members, do speak English.

5. The SVSU faculty member receives a stipend for the equivalent pay of $15,000 U.S. dollars and SVSU benefits are not interrupted, though some coordination with the SVSU Human Resources Office is necessary. SVSU will pay for round-trip international airfare. This amount may change and the Provost/VPAA's Office will provide updated information to prospective SVSU faculty candidates as available.

6. The SVSU faculty member may bring family members and SVSU will pay for half of the spouse's airfare on request; neither institution pays airfare for other family members.

Other provisions from the International Guest Scholar Program that may apply.