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The Landee Award for Teaching Excellence

Each year the University recognizes one, or occasionally two, full-time faculty member(s) as the recipient(s) of the Franc A. Landee Award for Teaching Excellence. Alumni, students, faculty and staff may nominate candidates.

An Award Committee which represents a cross-section of the University community makes the selection. The Award Committee will develop a short list of finalists from the total group of nominees and invite them to submit documentation of their teaching excellence.

Teaching excellence may vary by context, but generally you will recognize it when you experience it. An excellent teacher might be described by attributes such as:

• Maintains high standards and motivates students to excel
• Possesses exemplary knowledge of the subject matter and participates in its production
• Displays sincerity and enthusiasm in teaching
• Focuses on student learning and engages students in the learning process
• Recognizes and respects diversity among students
• Demonstrates fairness and integrity
• Respects student opinions
• Relates classroom learning to real life situations
• Informs classroom practice with a well-developed philosophy of teaching and learning

To be eligible for this award, a faculty member must be currently employed full-time at SVSU and must have taught at SVSU full-time two years previous to the award year. In making your nomination, cite evidence that the nominee meets the above criteria. The recipient will be announced at the annual awards banquet in the spring.

 The nomination deadline for the Landee Award is 5:00 pm on Friday, February 2, 2018.

Past recipients of the Landee Award for Teaching Excellence

Year Recipient Department
2016-17 Dr. Rebecca Schlaff Kinesiology
2015-16 Dr. Erik Trump Political Science
2014-15 Dr. Tami Sivy Chemistry
2013-14 Dr. Josh Ode Kinesiology
2012-13 Dr. Julie Foss Modern Foreign Language
2011-12 Dr. Elizabeth Roe Nursing
2010-11 Dr. Andrew Chubb Chemistry
2009-10 Dr. Drew Hinderer Philosophy
2008-09 Dr. Kenneth Jolly History
2007-08 Dr. M. Patricia Cavanaugh                                         English
2006-07 Dr. Anne Tapp Educational Technology & Development
2005-06 Dr. Gladys Hernandez Modern Foreign Language
2004-05 Dr. Brooks Byam Mechanical Engineering
2003-04 Dr. Andrew Swihart Psychology
2002-03 Dr. Sally Decker  Nursing & Health Sciences
2001-02 Dr. Ranjana Dutta Psychology
2000-01 Dr. Jeffrey S. Ashley Political Science
1999-00 Dr. Paul Teed History
1998-99 Dr. Matthew Margres Psychology
1997-98 Dr. David Barker Modern Foreign Language
1996-97 Ms. Mary Graiver Nursing
1995-96 Dr. John Willertz History
1995-96 Ms. Marilyn Knight Accounting
1994-95 Dr. Stephen Lawrence Chemistry
1993-94 Dr. Bradley Miller Political Science
1992-93 Dr. Rosalie Riegle Troester  English
1991-92 Dr. Elaine Stephens Teacher Education
1990-91 Dr. Garry Johns Mathematical Sciences
1990-91 Mr. Mohammad Bidgoli Computer Science
1989-90 Dr. Leslie Whittaker English
1989-90 Dr. Robert Braddock History
1988-89 Dr. Enayat Mahajerin Mechanical Engineering & Technology
1987-88 Dr. Eric Petersen  History
1986-87 Dr. Donald Bachand Criminal Justice
1985-86 Dr. Shyamalendu Sarkar Economics
1984-85 Mr. John Clinkenbeard Accounting
1984-85 Dr. Susie Emond Education
1983-84 Dr. Thomas Renna History
1982-83 Dr. Terry Ishihara Mechanical Engineering & Technology
1981-82 Dr. John Jezierski History
1980-81 Dr. Walter Rathkamp Biology
1979-80 Dr. George Eastland Chemistry
1978-79 Mr. Donald Novey Economics
1978-79 Dr. Harriet Tillock Sociology
1977-78 Dr. Robert Meadows Education
1976-77 (None awarded)  
1975-76 Dr. Phillip Kumler Chemistry
1974-75 Dr. Daniel Nussbaum Mathematics
1973-74 Dr. Robert Yien Sociology
1973-74 Dr. Curtis McCray English
1972-73 (None awarded)  
1971-72 Dr. William Hoffmann History
1971-72 Dr. Gamal Elashhab Education