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logoCongratulations graduating seniors!  You can now see the finish line in the race to graduation. Soon all of your hard work and accomplishments as an SVSU student will conclude and you will join over 46,000 Cardinal alumni.

63 Days to Graduation is a way to celebrate, reflect and share some of your final and cherished SVSU memories. Through the hashtag #63days you will be able to connect with fellow graduates and get info on all important graduate news throughout your final days as a student.

Why begin the countdown at 63 days? Simply because SVSU was founded in 1963 and we want to give you the opportunity to participate in a new tradition and help us start the countdown to graduation. Don't forget to use the hashtag #63days on your social media sites to document your final days as an SVSU student.

Important Dates Lots of things to remember News Latest Graduation Info Class Toast Celebrate with your classmates Plan to Attend Caps & Gowns, Photos Survey What was your SVSU experience?

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